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Tales Of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities
Tales of Two Cities

Piano: Bill Mays, Frank Wunsch, Horace Parlan – Bass: Ray Drummond, Jimmi Roger Pedersen – Drums: Adam Nussbaum – Trombone, Vocal: Jerry Tlitz
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Track 1 mp3 Swingin’ At Dennis (Jerry Tilitz) 4:21
Track 2 mp3 Nyack, Nyack (Jerry Tlitz) 2:48
Track 3 mp3 The Man With The Money (Jerry Tilitz) 5:44
Track 4 mp3 Blues In The Closet (Oscar Pettiford) 3:01
Track 5 mp3 Basin Street Blues (S. Williams) 5:37
Track 6 mp3 Reminiscense (Jerry Tilitz) 7:55
Track 7 mp3 A Portrait Of Lennie (Jerry Tilitz) 3:26
Track 8 mp3 Lament (J. J. Johnson, Lyrics Jerry Tilitz) 2:51
Track 9 mp3 Sing It (Joe Malinga) 3:23
Track 10 mp3 Mack The Knife (Weil/Blitzstein/Brecht) 2:51
Track 11 mp3 Nancy’s Waltz (Jerry Tilitz) 5:23

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